8th Annual SAPC Picnic and Lake Patagonia Clean-up

Dear Paddle Pals

   Time fly's when your hav'n fun (I'll try to be a little more original with the rest of this). The 8th annual Patagonia "For the Sake of the Lake" shore clean up and club picnic now lies in our wake. My thanks to the many of you who found your way down to the shore for what had to be the best outing thus far. This club "happening" has has become this great gift we give each other that really has come in to its own over time. Truth is that in the giving of "the gift" we give it to others as well. Not only a thankful park service, but as noted there that day the comments "thank you" from people outside the group. That doesn't even touch on the happiness of the lake itself.
   I remember standing there at one point on the shore amidst all the color of so many boats thinking to my self that all the souls who pilot these boats are about as colorful as the craft themselves. Everyone present with their own "outside the box" information to pass on and others eager to absorb it, pretty cool huh?!! Thatís the kind of mix I like to find myself in and
evidently I ain't alone. One can't help but be impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the affair. As some of you know we had one new member so committed to the day's project that

he was diving for debris from the lake bottom, retrieving a discarded boat anchor in the process. Yet another one of you managed an entire (good word for it) tire and wheel assembly easily capturing the "would-a, could-a, been used again, should-a never been tossed in the first place" award. Rumor has it that the entire Chevy is still down there some where, and next year Rick Johnson is going to bring it in. So again, many thanks to all of you who came together to prove there really are situations where you can't tell your work from your play. It's always great to see the faces of so many seasoned paddlers who keep coming back. It's equally inspiring to see so many "new to the sport types" inspired to explore the sport a bit further. My advice to you would be "just do it". Heck it's a great group to involve yourself with, and I feel fairly safe in saying that darn near any of us would give you the canoe off our backs.

  Well, thatís about enough of me for now I'd reckon. Whoops, one more... A couple of you asked about art  work or a visit to "Rancho M". I remember Kristine as well as someone else (forgive me, it was a busy day with many inner actions). The answer is sure, darn near any time, just give a call. In the mean time a visit to our web site will give you a peek into some of what all goes on about this acre(age). Choose either or both. Best to you all, see you soon, far from shore.

 Royce - 762-9263 or theshop@ranchomilagrito.com

Photo contributions by Geno Rosberg, Rick Johnson & Norma Miller

(Click on images to enlarge)

  All in a day's work.


Finding big lake bootie.


  Sittin' in and sittin' on.


   Duckies can have fun, too.


Geno's Mad River.


   A potluck feast and Bar-B-Q.

Fearless leader, Royce Davenport.


  Happy paddler.


  Pickin' fish.


  Bogner family & dog.


  Assorted paddle craft bring in the goods.


            Pickin' & grinnin', live music & more food.

    Gathering area.


Taking the long boats.


        Pickin' pop.


         Cobra kid.


       Prizes for best found trash from Summit Hut.


  Marsha's fine graphic production of SAPC's presentation to Patagonia Lake State Park.